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HF SSB Radio Systems

Complete Codan, Barrett & Qmac HF Radio Packages

New Barrett 4050 SDR HF Transceiver / 2019 Antenna Package

Complete Barrett 4050D HF Transceiver / 2019 Automatic Antenna Tuner Outback Traveller Pack - Now Available

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Barrett 2050 HF Radio & 2019 Autotune - Outback Traveller Pack

New Barrett 2050 & 2019 Autotune Antenna-3 Yr warranty. Competitive Pricing - Suit VKS737 etc.

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Barrett 2050 New HF Marine Radio Package

New Marine Package - Barrett 2050 & 911 Autotuner Antenna-3 Yr warranty

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Codan Envoy X2 SDR HF Transceiver / 3040 Antenna Package

Complete Codan Envoy X2 HF Radio / 3040 Automatic Antenna  with Digital Voice 

 Special price 40-50% off  RRP

   Limited time only

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Complete Barrett 250 / Multitap Antenna package

Very popular package- selcall/Telcall enabled radio, ready to fit to your vehicle.
New Ver.5 Firmware fitted.


Complete Barrett BC 950 & 910 Autotune Package

Complete HF system-Refurbished Barrett 950 Transceiver with Autotune Antenna-6 Mth Warranty.


Complete Codan 9323 / 9350 Autotune package-4x4-1 Yr Warranty

Complete Mobile HF Radio System .. Fully Tested  9350 Autotune Aerial system included as part of package.


Complete Codan 9323 / Multi-tap package-1 yr Warranty

Complete package in Excellent condition--New Multitap Antenna System.


Qmac HF90 HF Radio - Portable - QM9912

Complete Qmac HF90 Portable System with longwire Broadband Antenna.


Barrett 2050 HF Radio & Multitap Package - Remote Traveller Pack

Refurbished Barrett 2050 & New Multitap antenna package - Suit VKS737 etc.


Codan 9390 Marine HF SSB Transceiver & New SGC Auto-Tuner

Codan 9390 Marine & SG237 Autotuner-Workshop tested - 12 Mth warranty - For Use in Australian & International Waters


Qmac HF90 HF Manpack - QM9909

Complete Qmac HF90 Manpack System with TA99 Automatic Antenna Tuner.


Barrett 2050 Radio/2022/Antenna HF Base Station Package

Refurbished 2050 Package - Barrett 2050/2022/SWC-100 Antenna-1 Yr warranty


Complete Codan NGT ARv / 9350 Autotune package

Codan NGT ARv & 9350 Autotune Package - 12 Mth Warranty


Australian HF Radio Networks


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Barrett & Qmac Users Group